Event List

  • Annual Inter School Sports Meet 2018-19

Annual Inter School Sports Meet 2018-19
  • Event Date: 30-01-2019

Close to 200 students from 10 different schools participated in volleyball, badminton, and table tennis competitions with great enthusiasm, at the Annual Inter School Sports Meet 2018-19 in Anand Niketan Sughad on 30 January 2019. The chief guest on the occasion was Mr. Natwar Singh Rathod, GIET producer

  • Watch live PARIKSHA PE CHARCHA 2.0 at 11:00 AM, 29

Watch live PARIKSHA PE CHARCHA 2.0 at 11:00 AM, 29
  • Event Date: 29-01-2019

Link for Watch live PARIKSHA PE CHARCHA 2.0 at 11:00 AM, 29th January, 19 

NIC Webcast           : http://webcast.nic.in/mhrd 

YouTube                  : https://www.youtube.com/user/HRDMinistry

Facebook                : https://www.facebook.com/HRDMinistry 

  • seminar on “Effective Parenting”

seminar on “Effective Parenting”
  • Event Date: 20-01-2019

 Bringing schools and parents together improves academic and social success for children, which is why Anand Niketan Sughad Campus held the seminar on “Effective Parenting” on January 20, 2019 in the school auditorium. The guest and the key speaker was Dr. V S Ravindran. Dr. V. S. Ravindran is a renowned educational psychologist and trainer. He has been involved in the training of people in leadership positions in educational institutions, corporate and Government organizations for more than twenty five years. The presence of Mr. Kamal Mangal, Founder Chairman of the Anand Niketan group of schools and Mr. Vivek P Patel, the managing trustee of Anand Niketan Sughad and Anand Niketan Satellite made the seminar more engaging and helped bring focus to this cause which is often overlooked by the focus on performance over mental well being.

  • Capacity Building Programme on LIFE SKILLS

Capacity Building Programme on LIFE SKILLS
  • Event Date: 19-01-2019

 Workshop on "Capacity Building Programme on LIFE Skills" by resource person Mrs. Rekhaa Shah and Mr. Rajeev Srivastav.

  • Father's Day

Father's Day
  • Event Date: 09-01-2019

 'A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.'

 The world looks better from sitting up on his shoulders; learning to ride a bicycle is fun with him running behind and his warm embrace can make a gloomy day sunny. A friend, playmate and guide; fathers don many roles as they traverse through life with their child.  Fathers play a significant role in the healthy growth of a child, for they complement the role of mothers in every situation. Anand Niketan Sughad recognizes the efforts that a father puts in to nurture his family and organizes a special 'Fathers Day' every year to celebrate the unique father-child bond.

  • Challenges

  • Event Date: 08-12-2018

The Annual Sports Day, ‘Challenges 2018-19’ was celebrated at Anand Niketan Sughad amidst great enthusiasm, mirth and camaraderie. This was a two day event, with the tiny tots from Pre K to Grade 2 enthusiastically participating in various innovative and fun games. The little champions displayed team work and coordination as they cheerfully and energetically participated in the races and drills. Each and every student was awarded with medals and certificates to encourage and motivate them to take part in sports. 

  • Mini Marathon

Mini Marathon
  • Event Date: 01-12-2018

Mini Marathon

  • Trip to Mount Abu

Trip to Mount Abu
  • Event Date: 02-11-2018

  • Navratri Celebration

Navratri Celebration
  • Event Date: 11-10-2018

Anand Niketan Sughad Celebrates Navratri

Anand  Niketan, Sughad celebrated the festival of Navaratri on 11th of October  in its school premises. The children of pre-K to Grade 10 participated in Garba Night –the much awaited annual event of the school with much joy and enthusiasm.  The program started with the reverence of Goddess Durga followed by a garba performance and arati by the girls from senior school, invoking the blessings of mother divine.  

  • Mother's Day Celebration

Mother's Day Celebration
  • Event Date: 20-09-2018

 Mother's day celebration from Pre-K to grade 2

  • MR Vaccination

MR Vaccination
  • Event Date: 16-07-2018

MR Vaccination Campaign at Anand Niketan Sughad


July 16th, 2018, turned out to be an eventful day for the students of Anand Niketan Sughad. All the students from Pre K to grade 10 were immunized with the MR vaccine.


The school observed hundred percent attendance as students happily cooperated with the authorities making the campaign a grand success. The little toddlers were accompanied with their parents for the vaccination.



  • Investiture Ceremony

Investiture Ceremony
  • Event Date: 07-07-2018

Investiture Ceremony 2018-19

  • International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day
  • Event Date: 21-06-2018

The International Yoga Day, 2018, was observed in Anand Niketan, Sughad with much enthusiasm to make the children aware about yoga and its benefits. During the morning assembly, the children were informed about the relevance of ‘yog’ .The teachers too, provided a special mention about the importance of mental and physical well-being of every individual.  Afterwards, the spectators in the assembly were absorbed in an engaging performance of Yoga asanas by a few students of grades 4 to 7. Thereafter, all the children of grades 1 to 10 and the teachers keenly participated in guided performances of various yoga postures and meditation, in the school sports arena. 

  • Grand Parent's Day

Grand Parent's Day
  • Event Date: 16-02-2018

  • Night Stay Grade 1 to 4

Night Stay Grade 1 to 4
  • Event Date: 23-02-2018

  • Night Stay Grade 5 to 9

Night Stay Grade 5 to 9
  • Event Date: 17-02-2018

  • Pariksha Pe Charcha

Pariksha Pe Charcha
  • Event Date: 16-02-2018

 Students from grade 6 to 9 observed online telecast of "Pariksha Pe Charcha" by honrable Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 16/2/18.

  • Challenges 2018

Challenges 2018
  • Event Date: 03-02-2018

 The  3rd of February was an eventful day for the students of Anand Niketan, Sughad as they energetically participated  in a  myriad of sports activities during ‘Challenges’- The sports day of the school.  

  •  Fantastic Fun Family Fiesta

Fantastic Fun Family Fiesta
  • Event Date: 23-01-2018

The school had organized a Maker Faire program where many young science enthusiasts from various schools participated and showcased their science projects. The children had made many models and also conducted experiments for the attendants of the program.

Apart from the maker faire program, there were different groups of children who took part in theme based art activities too. 

  • Cross Country Mini Marathon

Cross Country Mini Marathon
  • Event Date: 13-01-2018

  In the morning of Saturday, 13thJanuary 2018, the children of Anand Niketan School,  Sughad participated in a cross country race. The enthusiastic children of grades five to nine ran for a kilometer through natural surroundings of green farms and tree lined routes near the school premises.  

  • Carnival

  • Event Date: 23-12-2017

The year has almost come to an end and celebrations are in full swing everywhere. It’s time to bid goodbye to 2017 and welcome the year 2018 with much fervor. Keeping the same in view, a grand carnival was organized on 23rdDecember 2017 in Anand Niketan , Sughad for the students, their parents and everyone else who were interested to enjoy an evening full of fun and merriment.

  • A High Fly Affair

A High Fly Affair
  • Event Date: 13-12-2017

Wednesday 13th of December will go down in the history of Anand Niketan Sughad as a landmark red-letter day when a helicopter landed on the premises of the school. The children from kindergarten to grade 9 were hurriedly asked to gather at the school sports ground for a surprise which was planned the school authorities. Amongst hushed silence, questioning glances and much speculation the children eagerly awaited for the surprise. Then finally, at 10:30 am a chopper made a grand entry in the school as the children tried to figure out what actually was happening.


  • Father's Day

Father's Day
  • Event Date: 25-11-2017

It was an eventful week for the pre-primary students and their teachers of Anand Niketan School, Sughad as they were busy with the preparation and the main functions of father’s day celebrations at the school. The busy fathers took time out from their hectic schedules to spend some quality time with their kids sans their spouses.

  • Mother's Day

Mother's Day
  • Event Date: 05-10-2017

  To pay tribute to the mothers and honour the special maternal bonds between a child and the mother , Mother’s day program was organized and celebrated  in Anand Niketan Sughad on 4th and 5th October with much enthusiasm by the students of kindergarten and grade one and their respective mothers. 


  • Garba Night

Garba Night
  • Event Date: 23-09-2017

The most awaited festival of the year, Navratri was celebrated in Anand Niketan Sughad with much fervor and delight. The sprawling lawn of the school was beautifully decorated well lit with lights and diyas. The program started with a reverence of Goddess Durga by the school trustee along with a garba performance by the teachers, invoking the blessings of the mother divine. The children of the kindergarten to grade nine were dressed in vibrant coloured costumes and fineries and their parents eagerly observing their performances.


  • International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day
  • Event Date: 21-06-2017

 International Yoga Day 21-06-2017

  • Teacher's Day

Teacher's Day
  • Event Date: 05-09-2017

Teacher's Day 5-Sep-2017

  • Investiture Ceremony

Investiture Ceremony
  • Event Date: 00-00-0000

Anand Niketan, Sughad held its Investiture Ceremony on 15th July 2017, which was attended by students of the school, teachers and parents. The program was graced by the director; Nashy Chauhan, the founder; Kamal Mangal, the trustee; Vivek Patel and the principal of the school.